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  • Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.

    Industry news


    Runtai Chemical, Qida Coating Additives and other companies have become key inspection targets of the Ministry of Environmental Protection

    Time: 2019-11-14

    On the night of February 27, the Taizhou office did not issue a notice or say hello, and raided some chemical and electroplating enterprises in Jiangyan District. Lan Shaomin, secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, gave instructions on the "263" special action. Mayor Shi Lijun led a night investigation. Deputy Mayor Zhang Xiaobing, Secretary of the Municipal Government Shen Minggang, and Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Chief Qian Zhong participated in the inspection.

    Qi Lan Shaomin pointed out in the instructions that the special action of "two reductions, six governances and three enhancements" was a major decision and deployment made by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and it was also a solemn commitment we made to the people of the city. The whole city must study and comprehend thoroughly and implement the spirit of Secretary Li Qiang's instructions, further unify the thinking, raise awareness, and deeply implement the five development concepts, and focus on structural adjustment, pollution reduction, ecological protection, policy regulation, law enforcement supervision, etc. In key areas, we will take more systematic, more precise, and stricter measures to resolutely fight the tough battles of environmental governance and ecological protection. In order to achieve more effective organizational leadership, all departments must perform their duties and coordinate with each other. Localities must also perform local management responsibilities, and fully implement the environmental protection of "development must be managed by environmental protection, production must be controlled by pollution control." Liability provisions. It is necessary to achieve more effective law enforcement and supervision, maintain a high-pressure situation, and severely and quickly punish environmental violations. To make supervision and inspection more effective, newspapers and TV stations must set up a "263 Taizhou in Action" column to regularly expose problems, force them to rectify problems, and make every effort to create a strong atmosphere for special actions for environmental improvement. In order to make accountability more in place, those who are weak in promoting work and lagging behind in rectification and improvement must be held seriously accountable for relevant personnel.

    姜 In Jiangyan Chemical Concentration Zone, Shi Lijun led a team to visit and inspect three chemical enterprises: Taizhou Scientific Research Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Taizhou Qida Coating Additive Co., Ltd. and Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd.

    多 At 8 o'clock in the evening, the inspection team arrived at the Scientific Research Fine Chemicals Company, and the smell in the factory was pungent. Shi Lijun and his party inspected the company's acetophenone synthetic distillation production line and sewage treatment equipment, and environmental protection law enforcement officers sampled air and water samples on the spot. The inspection found that this company's production equipment is old and aging, and the phenomenon of leakage and leakage is more serious. Some production facilities are rusted. Materials and waste liquid are leaked and leaked from multiple floors on the workshop. There are obvious odors in the production workshop, sewage treatment facilities, etc. At the same time, the sewage outlet is not standardized and there is no online monitoring device. Shi Lijun requires enterprises to attach great importance to environmental protection issues, and to promptly and rectify problems found during inspections.

    Entered Qida Coating Additives Co., Ltd., the factory was a mess. The inspection found that the company's production equipment was aging, the operation quality was poor, the production area was leaking and dripping, the factory area had obvious odors, and the fouling of the exhaust gas was severe. , The wastewater treatment process is simple, the sewage outlet is not standardized, and there is no online monitoring device. The person in charge of the company said that the company was about to relocate. "When will it move?" Shi Lijun asked. The person in charge of the enterprise replied, "September and October this year." Shi Lijun pointed out that the string of safety in production must be tightened at all times, and supervision cannot be relaxed because of imminent relocation. He asked the company to strengthen factory management and ensure rectification in place in accordance with regulations.

    At Runtai Chemical Company, Shi Lijun and his party walked into the dodecanol ester production area and inspected the company's production facilities, exhaust gas treatment equipment, and storage workshop. The inspection found that the company's production area had runaway dripping phenomenon, acidic wastewater on the north side of the dodecanol ester production workshop, the quality of process equipment operation was not high, the fugitive emissions of the exhaust gas were serious, and abnormal smells in the production workshop and warehouse were obvious. The absorption of the mother liquor in the lye spraying device of the process exhaust gas is weakly acidic.

    According to the feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Inspection Team, the sanitary protection distance of the Jiangyan Chemical Concentration Zone where these 3 chemical companies are located is insufficient. The Central Environmental Protection Inspection Team requires rectification and the 3 companies will complete their relocation before the end of 2018. Shi Lijun emphasized that it is necessary to accelerate the progress and ensure that the relocation task is completed in advance in accordance with the requirements of the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Team.

    In Yudu Town, Jiangyan District, Shi Lijun and his party made an unannounced visit to Taizhou Longgou Electroplating Technology Co., Ltd. and Taizhou Yiyou Metal Material Factory.

    At 9 o'clock the next night, the plating workshop of Longgou Electroplating Technology Company was busy. The inspection found that the company's acid mist absorption device in the electroplating workshop had poor operating results and obvious odors. Pollution prevention measures in the deplating workshop were not in place. At the same time, the anticorrosive layer on the floor of the workshop was damaged in many places. , Electroplating wastewater did not achieve the quality collection and treatment. Yiyou Metal Material Factory, a banned company, was ordered to shut down in 2014. The inspection found that the production facilities in the factory area of ??the enterprise had not been completely dismantled, and a large amount of waste liquid had accumulated in the factory area and had not been disposed of safely. In response to these problems, Shi Lijun pointed out that relevant departments should follow up and supervise and order rectification within a specified period of time. Especially for shutting down enterprises, we must adhere to the principle of territorial management. Follow-up cleanup and rectification work to eliminate all environmental safety risks.

    行動 Action "263", that is, the special action of "two reductions, six governances and three enhancements". "Two reductions" means reducing total coal consumption and reducing backward chemical production capacity. The "six governances" means treating the water environment of clean water channels, treating domestic waste, treating black and odorous water bodies, treating livestock and poultry breeding pollution, treating volatile organic pollutant pollution, and treating hidden environmental hazards. The "three enhancements" are to improve the level of ecological protection, the level of environmental economic policy regulation, and the level of environmental law enforcement supervision.

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