Mission Statement

"To exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers by empowering all associates to provide superior value through quality service, unparalleled technical support, company innovation, continuous improvement, and strategic alliances with key networks and internet service providers"


Our focus and dedication to the customer is empowered by the generous compliments received through the years, and the bonds we have made with our clientele. The vision of the future remains the same as day one, to grow and diversify as a company in order to offer more benefits to the clients and pass along related savings.


With over twenty years experience in computers, internet hosting, and internet related applications we remain your devoted web hosting company. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient web hosting services to our clients. Computers and web hosting is more then a job for the staff of TweNtion Host, it's a hobby, it's a tool, it's a part of our lives. We aren't in this business for the dot com booms and blunders. Our staff is here because they wouldn't have it any other way.


We know that downtime is not an option for your web site. For this reason, we invest heavily in hardware, facilities, and man-power to ensure that our clients are up and running on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hardware problems are not an issue at TweNtion Host, our servers are custom designed by our experienced in-house technicians, using only the latest top of the line components. Our servers are equipped with redundant power supplies, seconded by a generator, active an instance of power loss.

Why TweNtion Host?

These benefits can be found when partnering with TweNtion for your hosting needs.

  • Pricing - Competitive pricing. In spite of offering the most comprehensive suite of services and features - we offer the lowest price on all our services. Our volume based pricing allows you to compete in the market and maximize your margins.
  • Support Services - your support questions can be handled 24/7 via several forms of communication including but not limited to live phone support, voice mail support, live text chat support, and e-mail support.
  • Infrastructure - A network designed around our customers and there hosting, built and designed by experienced system and network engineers to be scalable on demand with implemented redundancy for failure resistance.